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Steel Sheds & Buildings

Whether the project is big or small, there are often many questions arise when you start the planning for building a shed. Here we hope to answer as many questions as possible & give you the facts to help your project run smoothly. If you don't see the question & answer you're looking for please contact us for assistance. We are only too happy to help.


Here at TasTech, we custom design each building to meet the individual needs of the client. There are a wide range of options you might like to consider for your shed. If you don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call to discuss. No shed design too big or complex. Also check out our Steel Sheds Products section for a small sample of designs.

SHED STYLE - What kind of style would be best suited for your proposed usage? What would match your surrounding buildings? Consider the following options: Fully Enclosed, Open Front, Roof Only, Part Enclosed/Part Open, Gable Roof, Curved Roof, Skillion Roof, Awnings, Lean-To's, Dividing Walls, Precast Concrete Panels & Walls, Cool Room Panels, Sisalation, Insulation, Safety Wire, Overhead Crane Beams, Roof Ventilation, Vermin Proofing & more.

1) SPAN - The width between the side walls - Ranging up to 60m clearspan or beyond 100m non clear span
2) LENGTH - Total length of the building - Ranging to any required length
3) BAY SIZE - The distance between portal frames - Standard bays up to 9m - Larger bays upon request
4) EAVES HEIGHT - The height of the wall - Ranging up to 12m
5) ROOF PITCH - The angle of roof slope from ridge to gutter - Standard & custom pitches available up to 45 degrees
6) CLEARSPAN FRAMING - The width between the side walls not requiring internal support columns - Ranging up to 60m
7) PORTAL FRAME - The section of 2 columns & 2 rafters joined together making a frame
8) COLUMNS - These are your uprights & are connected to you footings & support the rafters
9) RAFTERS - These are connected to your columns at eaves height & connected together at the ridge or apex of the roof
10) WALL GIRTS - The horizontal structural member connecting the portal frames & for attaching the wall cladding
11) ROOF PURLINS - The horizontal structural member connecting the portal frames & for attaching the roof cladding
12) BRACING - Positioned between portal frames provides stability, prevents movement & keeps the building square
13) AWNING/LEAN TO - Various sizes at eaves height or dropped down
14) CLADDING - Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel sheeting
15) NATURAL LIGHTING - Polycarbonate Sky Lights & Polycarbonate Wall Lights
16) DOORS - Steel Sliding Doors, Roller Doors, Roller Shutters - Domestic & Industrial - Manual or Electric Operation
17) PERSONAL ACCESS DOORS - Metal Clad Single, Double or custom size - Single Skin, Semi Solid Core, Solid Core & more
18) GLASS - Sliding Windows & Sliding Doors in a range of sizes

Shed Componentry Version One

Shed Componentry Version Two




Some people prefer metric measurements & others prefer imperial measurements. To help make conversion easier, we've put together a simple & easy to use conversion chart. These figures have been rounded to the nearest decimal place, therefore are only approximate conversions.

Metres to Feet & Feet to Metres Conversion Chart. 6m = 19.7ft, 20ft = 6.1m

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