Commercial & Industrial Sheds

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Large Clear Span Sheds

Specialising in design, manufacture and construction of large clear span sheds made from RHS and Universal Beam Web Truss construction. TasTech's unique designs are highly recommended for a variety of industrial & commercial purposes due to their strength and superior finish.

Commercial Warehouse & Office

Utilising concrete wall panels, wall lights, roller door and PA door. We can also fitout your custom office.

Industrial Processing Plant

Cool room storage with fruit & vegetable packing facilities. Double your space with a mezzanine flooring system

Commercial Warehouse

Commercial warehouse with roller shutters, wall lights including car parking

Open Front Sheds

Open front and sides for easy and unrestricted access.

Commercial Warehouse with Awning

Custom awnings designed for all weather protection and easy access

Distillery or Winery Shed Designs

Design your own distillery, winery for viticulture or microbrewery

Industrial Warehouse

Big volume clear span sheds. Add custom wall lights for huge electricity cost savings.

Custom Design Large Shed

Something different - built to take advantage of all day sun and maximising light

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