Here at TasTech, we custom design each building to meet the individual needs of the client. There are a wide range of options you might like to consider for your shed. If you don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call to discuss. No shed design is too big or complex.

SHED STYLE - What kind of style would be best suited for your proposed usage? What would match your surrounding buildings?

Consider the following options: Fully Enclosed, Open Front, Roof Only, Part Enclosed/Part Open, Gable Roof, Curved Roof, Skillion Roof, Awnings, Lean-To's, Dividing Walls, Precast Concrete Panels & Walls, Cool Room Panels, Sisalation, Insulation, Safety Wire, Overhead Crane Beams, Roof Ventilation, Vermin Proofing & more.